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CASP Controller (Cascading Array of Sequenced Power Supplies)

For step ramping multiple, sequence initiated, ATX formated computer power supplies, Phisical Psience is developing the CASP Controller - Cascading Array of Sequenced Power Supplies. NASA Tech Briefs - Create the Future Contest 2013

Low Impact Cane (LIC)

To help reduce the occurrence of repetitive impact injuries produced by typical walking canes, Phisical Psience is developing the Flex Cane, a Low Impact Cane (LIC), Mobility Assistance Device. NASA Tech Briefs - Create the Future Contest 2011

Random Path, Laser Motion Detector (LMD)

For large area and volume motion detection (field alteration), Phisical Psience is developing a random scan path laser that will function irrespective of localized return signal strength, known as the Non-Return Dependent, Random Path (NRDRP) - Laser Motion Detector.

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