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The field of view preserving TSAAOM (Translating Sub Aperture, Area Optical Magnifier) system is a revolutionary optical magnifying method, ideal for visible to near IR wavelength sensors with almost infinite applications. From Boarder and Homeland Security to ISR, Geo Spatial Imaging, Maritime Patrol, Defense to Orbital Object Identification. Future evolutions of the TSAAOM principle permitting for multiple sub apertures with varying magnifying factors nested within a single imaging system.

TSAOM System - Brassboard Diagnostics

TSAAOM System (US patent filling process initiated) brassboard under configuration diagnostics.

TSAOM System - Homeland Security Application

[left] Typical imaging system and Field of View (FOV). [right] TSAOM System with translating sub aperture spot (area) magnifier that can be moved about the entire FOV as the subject of concern moves in the enclosed image frame. In the above Boarder Security example the spot area of concern is being magnified at 4x power (hard) without effecting the nominal FOV(simulated image).

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