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Renewable Clean Energy, Electrical Power Generation

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Volumetric, Renewable Energy, Ocean Power Plant

(US patent filling process initiated)

World's Consumption of Electricity

Primary Detractors and Limitations to Current Commercial Scale Electrical Generation Methods, along with Typical Renewable Energy Systems

Fixed, Renewable Energy Ocean Power Plant - Commercial Scale Coaxial Electrical Generator - Patent Process Initiated Mobile, Renewable Energy Ocean Power Plant - Commercial Scale Coaxial Electrical Generator - Patent Process Initiated

The illustration at left represents a fixed array version of the Clean, Renewable Energy Ocean Power Plant, based on the Coaxial Electric Generator invented by Park McGraw at Phisical Psience ΦΨ (Patent Process Initiated).

  • Provide viable "national energy independence" without any of the supply and non centennial time limits associated with fossil fuel consumption.

  • Generate enough electricty to "transition" most of the personal and commercial vehicles on the road to non contact electrical induction.

  • Produce Tier 1 commercial scale electrical power, of a clean and renewable nature, with "none of the persistence issues" related to other forms of clean renewable power.

  • The illustration at right represents a towable, modular array that can serve as a remote self powered complex simulating a shore facility (shore power) for long duration station keeping, and or provide commercial power for civil emergencies complemented with various ancillary capacities (Patent Process Initiated).

  • Towable "self powered staging platform" that integrates SatCom, and ATC services along with "moderate container port facilities" for Coast Guard, and civilian use during times of natural disaster in addition to electric vessel charging

  • Electrical power "transmission to shore" can be extended with the use of all weather "retracting pontoons" to coastal locations.

  • Provide "shore power equivalency" to Naval vessels monitoring remote or sensitive locations, "saving billions of dollars" in logistics, fuel, along with reduced wear to shipboard propulsion systems.

  • Platform space can be armed with "defensive systems", and utilized for ASW, BMD, C4, Early Warning, SIGINT, UAV and VTOL operations.

  • The volumetric ocean power plant, though perhaps very similar in appearance is not a simple Faraday device, such device failing to generate a continuous electrical output for the entire power cycle, or vertical translation (lower left). The electro dynamic field properties of a standard magnet being inappropriate to simply place a large moving magnet into a cylindrical inductor coil, such method resulting in very brief electrical production cycles.

    Advantages & Benefits

    The leap in technology and advantage of the hybrid magnetic field produced by the Phisical Psience Coaxial Electric Generator, in addition to reduced eddy current formations within the inductor coils, is the continuous production of electricity for the entire duration of each translation cycle to which the magnetic apparatus remains in motion with in an inductor coil (upper right). The electrical output duration for each translation cycle of the hybrid magnetic field, being determined by the linear length of the inductor coil.

    The gross electrical current and voltage output of the Coaxial Electric Generator, using the theories associated with classical electro magneto dynamics, premised about electromagnetic field properties altered according to Maxwell Equation symmetry theories (Dirac, 1931), being a combined function of the hybrid magnetic field producing apparatus translation velocity and the diameter of the inductor coil system (below). The effects of various system losses such as mechanical friction, voltage conversion and heat production, determining the net output power for the reciprocating coaxial electric generator.

    Anticipated output for generators with 20 and 50 meter radius, for five different magnetic field strengths (0.5T-2.5T) and two velocities, 1 m/s) and (5 m/s)

    The above spreadsheet represents a first order approximation for anticipated nominal output power from a novel Ocean Power Plant. A renewable source of clean power with near zero emissions which can be scaled to produce 100's of gigawatts of electrical power.

    The fundamental ocean power plant design permitting for electrical generation systems capable of producing ~70 times the output of the sprawling Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant (below) in Wintersburg Arizona (Wikipedia)

    Photo of Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant, Wintersburg Arizona (Wikipedia)

    The elegantly simple, reciprocating configuration of the Phisical Psience volumetric ocean power plant by design is capable of meeting or exceeding the stringent electrical persistence requirements and up time availability needs for Tier 1 utility rating.

    Tier 1 utility rated systems being required for all "sole source" powering of large critical loads and facilities, e.g. Hospitals, Data Storage Facilities, Telecommunications Systems, Front Line National and Civil Defense.

    Wind and Solar based renewable energy systems, and dependent on ideal environmental conditions, being ineligible for Tier 1 utility rating.

    The submerged, volumetric design of the Phisical Psience renewable energy ocean power plant, translating into numerous economic and environmental, advantages and strengths. These advantages being unique and many in terms of real world benefits relative to other renewable energy production methods in operation.

    Advantages & Benefits

    In the image below, (Experts Forum: Gas Prices & National Security, Our Energy Policy, 14 June 2012, House Rayburn Building, Washington DC) Park McGraw (Experimental Physicist, Phisical Psience) is sharing with James Woolsey (Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency) some to the capabilities of the mobile form of the ocean power plant. This alternative configuration of the power plant, pilotable and or towable, being idea for military applications and civil emergencies.

    Park McGraw and James Woolsey, Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC, Experts Forum - Gas Prices & National Security, Our Energy Policy, 14 June 2012

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