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Phisical Psience ΦΨ, was established in 2011 by the experimental physicist, Park McGraw, with the goal of producing relevant products and inventions that from design, will yield positive and attractive economic returns, while remaining socially beneficial and responsible.

Mr. McGraw, a former NASA Fellow while at the University of Hawai`i Manoa, is also the world record holder for brightest quasi CW single stage solid state weapons grade laser, performed while a Member of the Technical Staff at Northrop Grumman Space Technology. Mr. McGraw proceeding on to become the Technical Design Lead for the Technology Concept Testbed for the New Worlds Observer (NWO) Twin Space Craft, Planet Finding Mission along with being assigned the Process Engineering Manager for the Laser and Sensor Products Center (LSPC) and Co-Chair of the Northrop Grumman Green Energy Group.

Park McGraw inside 30 foot diameter thermal vacuum chamber while perform optical tests for the STSS satellite

Mr. Park McGraw performing optical tests for the STSS satellite program.

Mr. McGraw's expertise with advance optics, imagers, high energy lasers, sensors and mechanics spanning over three decades, to include renewable energy systems, satellite and other airborne systems such as UAVs, hyper spectral systems and ground based space surveillance. While at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems - Hughes Aircraft Company and Senior Physics Engineer, Mr. McGraw was the Characterization and Integration, Engineering Facility design lead for the Global Hawk UAV LRIP program, Electro Optical imager. In addition, Mr. McGraw being the first and perhaps the sole person in the world to produce a Reflecting Volume Holographic Phase Conjugate Mirror for use with high energy laser systems. Having completed advance electronics and weapons Fire Control radar and digital computer education from the US NAVY, establishing two separate course performance records, in addition to being helm and after steering qualified 3,400 ton warship. Combined with over two decades of advance high energy laser experience and exposure to large aperture optical system which includes operational participation in "Star Wars" defense research programs while at the USAF AMOS MOTIF Mt. Haleakala Maui Observatory, AVCO Research Laboratory (Textron Defense Systems, Space Division) from the late 1980's with some missions utilizing the NASA Space Shuttle, and LACE Satellite, to being on the AO Sodium Dye Laser Guide Star commissioning team along with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for the 10m Keck I telescope atop Mauna Kea, Hawai`i.

Park McGraw and James Woolsey (Former Director CIA)

Mr. Park McGraw and James Wolsey (Former Director CIA).

Mr. McGraw's business effectiveness established from the 1990's, being presented in Hawaii Investor Magazine, as "Honolulu's new up and coming CEO", at Island Signal and Sound, Fire and Life safty, Electrical Contractors (Class C). Mr. McGraw's accomplishments including the installation of what was then the largest single Fire and Lifesafty system in the entire Pacific region with the retrofitting of the Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) located near Honolulu in the mid to late 1980's.

Today, Mr. McGraw, the world's premier laser weapons system analysis, published physicist in lasers, optics, and imagery (IEEE, SPIE, CLEO, AAS, Astronomy, ...), former Sigma Xi Awarded Instructor of Electronics and Electricity at the University of Hawai`i (Hilo) along with the topic of Optics and Lasers for the Graduate Program at the University of Hawai`i (Manoa) and involved member of the community, hosting public astronomy observing events, to Physics and Astronomy ISEF (Intel International Science and Engineering Fair) Grand Awards Judge, along with being a prior judge and member of the Judges Advisory Committee for the CSSF (California State Science Fair), is working to lead a group of acclaimed scientist, engineers and managers to bring forth inventions of the most novel and economically rewarding nature.

As a merit based entity, Phisical Psience ΦΨ does not subscribe to Equal Opportunity or Affirmative Action policies and or programs.

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