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Maritime Self Defense

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Active and Passive Maritime Self Defense Selection and Placement

Consultation Services

Full Review of Your Current and Anticipated Maritime Self Defense Needs

* Have your vessel or platform (2,000+ tons or larger) professionally surveyed and operationally assessed by Phisical Psience for multiple maritime threat scenarios (10m distance or greater) by individuals with rare hands on system level experience.

* Services to include full review of current and anticipated self defense requirements as a function of treat distance, least required action, response obligations, with respects to time requirements of the crew prior to system operation.

* Services to include trade studies using corollary analysis inclusive of RADAR, Electro Optics, SIGINT, UAV and other assets, while remaining dutifully in accordance with ITAR.

* Assessment of shipboard personnel capacity and anticipated load factors for active live fire and support operations.

* Assessment of shipboard or platform architecture, sea handling characteristics, along with active and passive self defense weapon system placement, and associated munitions storage requirements.

* Personnel at Phisical Psience have over 30 years of Naval and Air weapon systems experience covering topics such as the Global Hawk UAV, to firing high energy lasers at orbiting DOD systems, ASROC security to discharging 5" Naval rounds. Personnel at Phisical Psience US Navy trained to perform system level maintenance and operation duties for the following platforms; Various Small Arms, MK 2 0.50 Cal Machine Gun, US Navy MK 56, MK 86, MK 99, Phalanx CWIS, in addition to the Engineering Process Manager for the group with technical oversight for the following Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and High Energy Laser (HEL) systems, ABL, JHPSSL, MTHEL.

* Oversited by the founder of Phisical Science, author "Naval Weapon Systems Analysis" for Directed Energy Systems, Northrop Grumman and Missile Defense Agency (MDA) along with co author of various papers on Space Craft Optical Systems, and Directed Energy Systems such as Military Weapons Grade High Energy Laser, and Current World Record Holder for Brightest Single Stage Quasi CW Laser while a Member of the Technical Staff at Northrop Grumman, Space Technology and Aerospace Systems.

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